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The Perfect Blend for a Workspace

The cluttered “work” desks that look more like your child’s art table than a workspace. The delightful sounds of squabbling siblings and amateur violin practice. The dog barking, the doorbell ringing. These are the endless distractions that come with our tech-saturated life. Sound like your home office?

What you need is a bonafide sanctuary that screams: “Let’s get to work!” Right?

The truth is, telecommuting or even a bit of side work at home is never as idyllic as it seems. There are chores to be done, family to distract you, and let us not forget the call of a good Netflix binge. We can have the best of intentions. A solid three hour chunk set aside to put together that presentation. Except, after all the side thoughts and distractions bombard you, your three-hour chunk of work time becomes perhaps one hour of actual production.

In fact, as I write this from my couch I have gotten up no less than ten times to attend to anything from my bread dough to a diaper change for my youngest. It’s no wonder that many of us seek a workspace outside the home to catch up.

Snatching up your laptop and heading to a local coffee house is such an easy way to maximize your time. A bit of chatter and music around you actually allows your brain to filter and focus. Here at Blend Cafe & Yoga, we have taken great efforts to create a calm, soft space to help you settle in and work. We offer free wifi, along with a steady stream of locally roasted Borealis Coffee to caffeinate you with its delicious, small-batch artisan kick. Local artwork displayed on our walls help to surround you with creative energy. A change in scenery is key to helping you re-energize and knock out a stack of grading, a few blog posts, or whatever work you need to accomplish.

One of our missions at Blend Cafe & Yoga is to nourish your soul and body with healthful practices and nutrition. We are unique in the South Coast because you can fuel yourself with a breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack that you know is chock full of all the right things, made with love in our own kitchen. We provide food that will re-energize your workday and not drag you down.

Most importantly, you’re giving yourself some YOU time in a family-owned local cafe designed with our community in mind. So come on in! Set up your workstation and grab a smoothie, some lunch, or coffee and pastry. See how productive you can be!

Or perhaps you prefer the comfy chaos of your home office. If so, carry on. We’ll keep your coffee hot just in case you change your mind!


Written by Megan Rose Pare

Edited by Janelle Chaves

Megan Pare

Megan Rose Pare is a teacher at A Child's University, a Special Needs Mom and Advocate for Trisomy 18, a makeup mogul at YaDun! Makeup Store, mother of three, blog writer, and overall awesome human!

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