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Thank You, Matcha Madness!

When we designed the Blend Cafe & Yoga smoothie menu, we always had your health in the forefront of our mind. For each smoothie recipe, we carefully selected a balance of superfood nutrition, delicious plant foods for flavor and fiber, and a dash of natural sweetness! One of our antioxidant rich smoothie blends is our “Matcha Madness” smoothie. It’s a unique combination of pick-me-up energy, cancer prevention, and packs a perfect protein punch!


We’ve long heard about the powerful benefits of green tea. Rich in antioxidants such as ECcG, it has been touted as a potent cancer prevention drink. Highly concentrated, Matcha green tea powder is about ten times more rich in benefits than one cup of brewed tea alone. To really bring this into perspective, according to Matcha Source , Matcha powder has over 1500 units of antioxidants per gram versus blueberries, for instance, which have 93! That’s incredible in comparison. Highly concentrated is an understatement!

Choose Health

We all want to look our best, feel energized and age with grace. A diet rich in superfoods like green tea is a key component to healthy aging . And it’s not just cancer prevention that Matcha tea powder provides. Anti-aging and chronic disease prevention are a major benefit of the antioxidants in our favorite green powder. There’s a whole lot in life that we cannot control. Genetics, environment, and outside stressors are all areas of life we have little control over. However, choosing foods that provide some protection against chronic disease and cancer is something we CAN control! Why not choose the absolute best foods in the world such as Matcha green tea? We are so proud to offer this superfood to you in a smoothie that you will say “YUM” while drinking up the goodness. Did we mention it boosts your metabolism and helps burn calories? Even better!

What’s in the Matcha Madness?

Our Matcha Madness smoothie contains natural caffeine from the tea, vegan vanilla protein, banana for potassium and sweetness, plain Greek yogurt for protein and creaminess, honey for sweetness, shredded coconut for fiber and flavor, and a dash of peppermint syrup for that finishing touch (listen when we say: you’ll know why when you try it!). It’s all blended with almond milk for the perfect texture. What an incredible breakfast or lunch! You’ll be energized, satisfied, and you’ve truly made a choice for YOU. As I tell my kids when they make a good food choice: your body will say “Thank you!”.

Megan Pare

Megan Rose Pare is a teacher at A Child's University, a Special Needs Mom and Advocate for Trisomy 18, a makeup mogul at YaDun! Makeup Store, mother of three, blog writer, and overall awesome human!

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