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Eyes on Vitamin A: Getting Sexy at Sunrise!

All of us at Blend Cafe & Yoga are so glad we’ve all survived the onslaught of cookies, processed sugars, and cured meats December brings, and are headed into our culture’s annual shedding. While we may poke fun at the January 1st healthy eating resolutions, we find it to be filled with hope and optimism. We can all use that in abundance. What’s the alternative? A year-round consumption of excess? Let’s embrace the call to answer our bodies’ pleas for less MORE and more LESS.

Chances are, our bodies are greatly lacking in some major areas at the start of January. Blend Cafe offers the Southcoast some delicious options to jam-pack your morning or afternoon routine with the crucial phytonutrients, vitamins and fiber our bodies crave. One of our most popular smoothies is our Sunrise Colada, and it’s no wonder. Delicious tropical flavors of mango, organic carrot, and pineapple blended with the the wonderful hydration of coconut water and orange juice. It’s pure YUM. But what does it give to us?

Besides being one of the coolest kids at the vitamin lunch table, Vitamin A is essential to our bodies’ skin, bone health, and vision. We’ve all heard our parents tell us that carrots will make us see better, right? Mango, carrot, and pineapple are excellent sources of this key vitamin. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which can be so crucial in the fight against free radicals that can cause cancer and toxicity in our bodies!

But what’s “sexy” about Vitamin A? It’s a powerful secret agent for anti-aging and reproduction! A diet rich in Vitamin A promotes skin cell health, can help keep skin plump and hydrated, and can even aide with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The Vitamin C in these fruits and veggies COMBINED with the immunity boosting Vitamin A really defend against those winter viruses. We can safely say there’s nothing romantic about a hacking cough and post nasal drip. The Beta Carotene found in mango, pineapple, and carrot is a plant form of Vitamin A and does not cause any of the toxicity the animal-based retinol form can. If you’re pregnant and want a healthy, worry-free source of Vitamin A, the Sunrise Colada is a great option.

Food-sourced vitamins are so easily absorbed by our bodies, and even faster when raw and Blended. Your body will receive the benefits faster and more efficiently than from a vitamin pill. Worried the lack of protein won’t fill you up in the morning? This fiber rich smoothie will certainly do the trick. You can always request some yogurt or vegan protein as an add in! Worried there are no greens? Request some spinach! We want you to have a custom experience and be completely satisfied.

Stop in to Blend Cafe & Yoga, bring a friend, and try our delicious Sunrise Colada Smoothie, bringing you a sexy glow to start your morning!

Megan Pare

Megan Rose Pare is a teacher at A Child's University, a Special Needs Mom and Advocate for Trisomy 18, a makeup mogul at YaDun! Makeup Store, mother of three, blog writer, and overall awesome human!

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